All life begins and ends in the womb.

We begin as conscious potential in the fertile cosmic womb of the Milky Way. 

A celestial egg of potential residing within the ovaries of our unborn mother, carried in the womb of our grand mother. 

Here we are infused with the gifts, medicines, trauma, stress, dis~ease of not only our mother, but our grandmother ( remember we are living as a cosmic consciousness in her womb, in our Mumma’s ovary). 

We are not yet a whole, and yet we are already imprinted with certain DNA/ ancestral traits.

Potential strengths and challenges. The medicines and the wounds.

Here we will stay when our mother is birthed.

Here we remain until she merges in unity with the Sacred Masculine.

At once we become whole~ equal parts of the feminine and the masculine~ growing, and evolving over the course of approximately 9 months.

During this time, we are One with our placenta, nourished and protected within our mothers womb, our first home. 

We are receptive, sensitive and fully attuned to our Mother- connected to all of her.

Our cord of Life (umbilical cord) stems from our core, nourishes and sustains us (or not) by what Mama feeds to herself and what is fed to her. 

This “nourishment” is not limited to only physical food, it also includes the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and stresses that our mother experiences. Her experiences, are baby’s experiences. 

This is the first and foremost important relationship we will have.

The womb~ our home.

The very first sanctuary.

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How we live and experience it has a large impact on the “homes” of our future~ that of our physical body, our mind, our actual structural home, and the foundation of who we are to become.

Now we are birthed. Born. 

we spend our life longing to return home, to our Mother.

When it comes to the inevitable death of our physical body, we re-turn to the fertile womb of our Great Mother, Earth.

Our essence re-birthed back to the womb of the Cosmos.

Our Womb, Our Cauldron

Life* Death* Regeneration*Rebirth

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Our womb nourishes and sustains life, sheds the death of what could have been, and regenerates for what may be.

it is also the home of our unresolved and unhealed trauma~ on all levels, of all types.

Housing wounds of abandonment, rejection and betrayal (from our most earliest childhood experiences) which are the crumbling foundation of our Self Worth.

“The womb is the woman’s center. If it is out of Balance everything in her life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will be out of balance.”

Don Elijio Panti

This Sacred place becomes a watershed~ a body of water mirroring our mental & emotional state.

Still pond. Rushing river, or surging tsunami of destruction. 

In the depths of these oceanic waters lives the unfathomable.

Our deepest fears, desires and wounds~ our own, our ancestors, the collective, and all those before us. 

Our womb carries these stories that live inside of us. 

When we are disconnected or unable to acknowledge, embrace, and honor our womb/yoni and all of the beautiful parts that make up our sexual and sensual nature including our innate ability to create and birth life (in all ways) ~ we also remain untethered from our heart. 

The separation of womb and heart affects all of our relationships.

The most important relationship- the one with our self. 

We remain dis-connected to our relationship with nature- to our own wild nature.

We are unable to manifest and create the life we desire.

We lack lustre, joy and enthusiasm for life and all that it has to offer us.

Our womb, is the chamber that holds emotions~ past, and present; ours and of those before us. 

A cave of darkness, a den of the shadows housing the inner dragons that block the expression our true divine potential. 

“Fear not the dark. For we bloom in the womb before greeting our light.”

-Angie Wesland Crosby

artist: Alicia Blaze Hunsicker

“A woman connected to her womb and the rhythms of her life, walks in many worlds.”


However, when our Sacred cauldron is nourished it awakens from the flames and passion of our inner fire, enticing us to gaze into the haze of our potency reminding us of the infinite mystery, magic and potential of creation that exists within. 

Each month, attuned to the Moon, we are summoned by our sacred waters to enter into Ceremony and seer into our cauldron of alchemy.

It is a time of rest, nourishment and restoration where we are pulled inward by the wisdom of our matrilineal ancestors to re~member the ancient knowledge and intuitive wisdom that is inherent inside of us.

It is an opportunity for deep healing and reverence for the potent moon blood that flows from our body.

We shed and slough all that is no longer needed this cycle, and offer the life blood back to our Great Mother, to be re~turned to the fertile Earth- absorbed, composted + mulched for re-birth. 

Menses is an awakening of our body’s natural intuitive and instinctual ways . Removing what is no longer fertile and nurturing to us and for us and cleansing the cauldron for the next egg of creation to be in-planted, nurtured, nourished and birthed. 

This is the Alchemy of our Womb.