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That which Exists Within.




The Alchemy

Feminine Wisdom.

Lunar + Womb Mysteries.


Healing Arts.




the sacred Work

I guide + support women as she awakens to her re-membering, tends to the healing, deeper knowing + truths of her Sovereign Being; and embodies the rhythms of her innate Feminine wisdom to connect and find greater alignment in both her worldly and spiritual life.

My path

I embody 25+ years of direct experiential training, practice + apprenticeship in the Healing Arts & Cross- Cultural Shamanism.

An ardent Ceremonialist, I facilitate Earth- Honoring rituals, customs, + traditions-celebrating the seasons, cycles & Mysteries of Life.

A life-long learner, I remain deeply rooted in the study of esoteric teachings, womb wisdom + occult sciences.

My devotion to the Sacred Work of Feminine Consciousness bridges the mystical with the mundane.



Celestial Swan Bridge


Shamanism is the realm of primordial feminine consciousness.

Known by many names- Underworld, Lower World, Netherworld, Otherworld- her essence remains the same across all cultures.

These Feminine Mysteries exist in realms beyond all language, time and space.

Our very first shamanic journey begins in the sacred womb of our Mother. Here in the hidden and unseen realms, we begin our alchemical journey from spirit into Matter.

During these 9 months as we swim in the Dreamtime ocean of amniotic water, existing between worlds.
Earth + Cosmos.

The Feminine “side” of our brain ~ the Cerebellum, amygdala, hippocampus awakens” first (much before the masculine “side”) and leads us to navigate our new world through feeling and sensing, while remaining connected to multidimensional realms through altered states of consciousness.

As babies, we are born fully “awake” and connected to our Soul Self via the cerebellum (the feminine brain).

However, we soon begin the “programming” of the masculine dominated world, and by the age of 7, (if the dreamstate is not nurtured) we lose our innate connection to the Throne of Feminine Consciousness (cerebellum), forgetting all memories of the womb realm and the mysteries of her vast darkness.

In this forgetting, we also sever the connection to our “inner shaman”.

And yet, these memories live on, swimming in the lunar depths of our “unconscious” waters- home of the lost feminine soul, where our shadows and secrets lurk, and our inner treasures long to be found.

Shamanism invites us enter the mysterious realms of Womb Consciousness~ to re-awaken our Dreamtime state of our “inner shaman”, to journey within and explore the space “between worlds”; and reclaim what is our Birthright- the medicines, gifts, and our cosmic connection to our Soul, Source and to all Life.




“Woman by nature is a Shaman”

The Queendom

The Womb is the gateway to all creation. It is our portal to personal power, passion & purpose.

The Womb is radiant darkness that not only births creation but also holds the secret spiritual power of rebirth.

Holding the blueprint of our original innocence, our true spiritual potential.

In Tantric tradition, Yoni (womb) is the gateway to the feminine heart.

This feminine shamanic apprenticeship connects us with an energetic, luminous umbilical cord to the 3 Queendoms (upper, lower + middle worlds)

Rooted in our (physical) womb we journey and explore the energetic and unseen realms to transform and heal personal + ancestral wounds held in our sacred temple , our yoni.

We alchemize old stagnant energy (emotions, trauma, self limiting beliefs stories that live inside us) into potent golden elixirs of creative potential, love and bliss that oozes into all areas of our life.

We awaken to the ancient feminine wisdom that lies deep within our sacred cauldron, we reclaim the gnosis of love + truth and, and we restore our inner garden of Eden- our birthright.

The womb of Gaia becomes the dreaming gate back to the mysterious flow of union- to true wisdom, kneeling and nous- becoming One with the primordial intelligence…”                            *Ezra & Seren Bertrand.

This Pilgrimage is an invitation to journey the magic gateway within, and reach the source inside of you to:

*Weave and dance with the tantric essence of your Shakti (primordial life force energy).

*Ebb and flow with the tides of your emotional waters.

*Awaken to your true potential. ignite (and fan the flames of) your sacred creative power + align to your sacred purpose.

*Honor + tend to your connection with the rhythm of life and reconnect to the web of all creation.

*Explore and deepen into intimacy- in relationship with your body and sacred union with all aspects of your divine goddess nature~ the wild creature who plays, the wise woman of “knowing” the erotic and the sensual priestess who longs to delight + indulge in pleasure.

*Remember that the mysteries exist within you. You are the Portal to the cosmos and the infinite.

This pilgrimage into the womb is a journey back to love and wholeness.

          1:1 Sessions

 60 Minute In- Person or Online




Awaken the Weaver

Tantra is about really loving and embracing all of life, and through this love remembering our essence, our Divine. Tantra is a life path. How we make love is how we create the life we lead, and vice versa” ~ Osho

Shakti, in all of her primordial energy is the ancient serpent.

Her journey is the left handed path.

This path is Tantra.

She is the weaver.

Her gateway
yoni, the womb, the hara.

She is the way shower of self love.

Weaving the wisdom
of the Feminine Heart to the Divine.

Tantra is embodied presence.

It is through our devotion to the beloved goddess, and to all that is feminine that we are guided to embrace everything in life as a path to spiritual awakening + conscious evolution.

Tantra teaches us that each moment, feeling, perception, thought, and experience is an opportunity to open our hearts and reveal to us our essential nature as source consciousness.~ As Love.

As Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of Life, our inner Tantrika invites us to harness the power of our shadows (all that’s been rejected, repressed, denied, abandoned) and transmute these energies through the frequencies of acceptance + love for deep healing and spiritual alchemy.

Shakti (the goddess) is the Creator of the Universe,and the Universe is her fascinating body; Shakti is the basis of the entire world;She is the intimate substance of any body.”
        -Shaktisangama Tantra


Inner Child

Dance of the Hummingbird.

Embrace and celebrate the sweet nectar of your life!

What better ally symbolizes lightness of being and the beating and fluttering of our hearts than Hummingbird?

In Earth- Centered philosophy and traditions the hummingbird is revered as a “Magical Being”, a messenger between all Worlds and the key to the evolution of human consciousness.

This tiny but mighty Winged One symbolizes joy, healing, luck, prosperity, beauty and peace.

These jewel adorned beings grace us with their playful presence and reminder to be in the NOW, to stop, smell the roses, and savour each sweet moment- as a child would.

We are meant to be living from our hearts, sharing our infinite Light- and what better way than connecting to the child within, drinking and savouring the sweet nectar of our life!

If this makes your heart flutter or mouth water, I invite your inner child to explore and take flight with hummingbird and other allies as we dance between worlds in this Beauty way.




Lunar & Womb Mysteries

Each month, if we are bleeding we are invited by the Moon, and the Queen of the Throne (our physical womb) to descend into the underworld- as a sacred return to  the Queen of the Underworld.

Here, in the Womb of Gaia (the zero point of consciousness). we shed everything inside us that is not love releasing it into the pregnant, luminous void for transformation and rebirthing as radiant light.

A shamanic spiral journey- of eternal involution and evolution, of creation (ovulation) and dissolution (menstruation) we surrender and surf the wild waves of Shakti and awaken into pure love.

This is the Way of the Blood Mysteries.
The Path of the mystic (Sophia)
The Gnosis of Woman.

Each of the Blood Mysteries: Menarche (first Bleed) Menstruation, Birth + Moonopause (menopause) is a sacred initiation, a rite of passage, a cosmic journey of our energetic/ metaphorical) death and rebirth.

It is a time of honouring and celebrating our body, our blood, our ancestors, our lineage and connection with all women- past, present and future; and of remembering our sacred interconnected relationship with Gaia and with all Life.

I am devoted to the Sacred + Divine Feminine Mysteries.

I support, teach, and encourage women to connect to the fullness of her power- to trust, honor, nourish, and listen to the innate wisdom and rhythm of her body.

I Honor + Celebrate her Initiations and harmonization with the cycles and seasons of her cosmic and earthly nature!

As a Birthkeeper + Soul Midwife, I hold the energies for the spiritual, physical, and emotional realms through all seasons and cycles of her Nature.

Birth. Life. Death + Beyond.

I walk beside each woman as she journeys her unique spiral path trusting wholeheartedly in her power~full ability to create, birth, nurture + transform.


Mystic Rose & Red Magic


“The Womb Mysteries are a path of love, a returning to harmony with the way of nature, with the dreaming of Gaia, with life’s vast benevolence, with Creator’s deep and tender love, and with the wild, untamed creative flows and cyclical rhythms. Rooted in love, wildness, kindness , tenderness, and patience.”

~ Seren + Azra Bertrand from book Womb Awakening- Initiatory wisdom from the creatrix of all life.


Pregnancy. Birth & Beyond.

Birth is Sacred.
As a Birth Keeper, I support and educate women in connecting to the fullness of their power, to learn to truly trust, honour, nourish and listen to their bodies, their baby; and to give birth in a way that makes her feel seen, heard, safe and respected.

As a keeper of Sacred space, I hold space for the spiritual, the physical, the emotional. I hold space for your fears your hopes and dreams, supporting you through transitions and honouring your evolution.

I walk beside each woman as she journeys her spiral path as mother and believes wholeheartedly in her power~full ability to create, birth, nurture + transform.

Dying & Death.

The final sacred journey.

Soul Midwives regard every dying person as if he, or she, is the most important person in the world.
I offer a range of gentle therapies to soothe and reassure and are skilled advocates and advisors.
I am encourage deep conversation, with love and dignity.

Soul Midwives are helping to transform the personal and collective experiences of dying and living within the community, by helping anyone facing the end of life to experience a tender, peaceful and conscious death.

Woman’s Initiations + Rites of Passage
Earth-honouring Rituals + traditions

An ardent Celebrant, I practice, nurture Feminine-Centered Spirituality and facilitate Earth- Honoring rituals, customs, + traditions-celebrating the seasons, cycles & Mysteries of Life.

Ceremony & Ritual.

*Sacred Menarche & Coming of Age

*The Birthing Year: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

*Initiations & Rites of Passage

  *Death Rites

My scorpio sun’s passionate energy loves to express herself as a Shamanic Practitioner, intimately connected to Women’s Mysteries, an alchemist delving into the realms of the underworld to meet archetypes + shadows- transmuting and Transforming- ever changing and regenerating.Her tantric Nature rebirthing in embodied presence.
Ruled by the Moon, my cancer ascendant expresses herself as Protector, Nurturer, Healer and Mother~ devoted to the Divine Feminine and honouring all that is woman, family, roots and home.
Her purpose is to envision + commit to creating new and thriving family + community structures for the benefit of the next 7 generations.
Swimming with the ecstatic ebbs and flows of Mama Ocean, My piscean moon is the Mystic- enchanted with All that Is.
Mystic by day, Visionary Dreamer by night, she bridges the mystical with the mundane.
Devoted to feminine consciousness + compassionate service, she creates safe space for all who enters her realm.
In devotion to sacred service, she serves all of humanity from heart,
She knows that we are all a drop in this vast ocean of consciousness, and that within in each drop, we carry the entire ocean.
All One. All Divine.
My roots anchor me to the ancient wisdom of my ancestors + to my wild priestess nature~ Serving + honoring the goddess.
I am a life long student of learning and unlearning. I honour the Sacredness and our interdependent relationship to Mother Earth and to All Life.

Muse + Alchemy



Seems to me that the essence of TABU was lost at sea, and instead became a word used by the patriarchy as a means to control, manipulate and punish people for being human… particularly women.

Grief as Ceremony

Grief as Ceremony

I recently was invited to attend a day of Ceremony honoring the Alchemy of Grief and her beloved partner, Praise.

Cauldron of Alchemy

Cauldron of Alchemy

All life begins and ends in the womb. We begin as conscious potential in the fertile cosmic womb of the Milky Way.  A celestial egg of potential residing within the ovaries of our unborn mother, carried in the womb of our grand mother.  Here we are...

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