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Mara & Moon Alchemy

Through the portal of shamanism we journey into unseen realms. 

We enter into the great mystery.

A place that exists within each of us.



my realms



Ceremony + Ritual.

Cosmic Counsel.

Feminine Mysteries.

Healing Arts.




the sacred Work

I guide others as they awaken to their remembering, tend to the deeper knowing + truths of their unique character + life path, and find greater alignment in both their worldly and spiritual lives.

 My path

I embody 25+ years of direct experiential training, practice + apprenticeship in the Healing Arts & Cross- Cultural Shamanism.

An ardent Ceremonialist, I facilitate Earth- Honoring rituals, customs, + traditions-celebrating the seasons, cycles & Mysteries of Life.

A life-long learner, I remain deeply rooted in the study of esoteric + occult sciences.

My devotion to the sacred work bridges the mystical with the mundane.



Cosmic Counsel

 Weaving the wisdom of each Individual’s unique Birth Chart with Human Design, the Gene Keys, Akashic Records + intuitive counsel, I support and guide those who are ready to awaken to the truths of their cosmic nature & infinite potential.

 In-person or virtual sessions.




Shamanism & Healing Arts

A Journey of Self Discovery

Bringing coherence of Mind, Body + Spirit for deep healing, alchemy and evolution.

Each time we enter through the portal of shamanism, we learn something new about ourselves.

We connect with an aspect we may have not met before, and we open to reclaim hidden gifts, medicines, teachings, and allies that we can bring to support us in all areas of our lives. 

These Ancient, Universal Earth honoring and living ways incorporate various practices to support our psycho-spiritual journey. 

The Healing Arts awaken the Inner Healer + Medicine Woman within us all- heeding the call to heal + transform, to open our hearts; and remember that we are interconnected with Mother Earth and One with all life.

          1:1 Sessions

             60 Minutes – In Person or Virtual




Inner Child Work


Embrace and celebrate the sweet nectar of your life!

What better ally symbolizes lightness of being and the beating and fluttering of our hearts than Hummingbird?

In Earth- Centered philosophy and traditions the hummingbird is revered as a “Magical Being”, a messenger between all Worlds and the key to the evolution of human consciousness.

This tiny but mighty Winged One symbolizes joy, healing, luck, prosperity, beauty and peace.

These jewel adorned beings grace us with their playful presence and reminder to be in the NOW, to stop, smell the roses, and savour each sweet moment- as a child would.

We are meant to be living from our hearts, sharing our infinite Light- and what better way than connecting to the child within, drinking and savouring the sweet nectar of our life!

If this makes your heart flutter or mouth water, I invite your inner child to explore and take flight with hummingbird and other allies as we dance between worlds in this Beauty way.




Inner Sanctum

Surrender to the unknown. 


Revel in the Mystery.

The Medicine Woman inside you will be your guide.




Ceremony & Ritual.

I am devoted to the Sacred + Divine Feminine Mysteries.

I support, teach, and encourage women to connect to the fullness of her power- to trust, honor, nourish, and listen to the innate wisdom and rhythm of her body.

Harmonizing with the the cycles and seasons of her cosmic and earthly nature!

As a Keeper of Sacred Space, I hold the energies for the spiritual, physical, and emotional realms. 

I walk beside each woman as she journeys her unique spiral path trusting wholeheartedly in her power~full ability to create, birth, nurture + transform. 

Offerings of Ceremonia + Celebration:

*Sacred Menarche & Coming of Age

*The Birthing Year: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.

*Death Rites, Initiations & Rites of Passage


mara & Moon Alchemy


* an ancient branch of natural philosophy

*the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the  transformation of matter, focused on converting base metals into gold and finding the universal elixir of immortality.

* a magical process that changes and transforms something in a mysterious way.

*Spiritually, the transmutation of lead into gold is an analogy for personal change and transformation.

*The art of changing the frequency of thought, altering the harmonics of Matter, and applying the element of love to create a desired result.







Flowing deep in my cosmic blood is a purpose to be of service to the Feminine.

My scorpio waters run vast in the dark, unseen, mysterious, and archetypal realms. I yearn to penetrate the unknown, and bring to light truths + secrets buried. 

Possessing serpent wisdom and an inherent understanding + connection to Mother Nature in all her seasons- life, death, rebirth; I have lived, transformed & been many versions of Melanie in this life.

My wild + peaceful sea ebbs and flows in rhythmic waves of pisces, sensing the intuitive pull of the undercurrent- a connection to All. I am a drop in the ocean, that same drop containing all of the ocean.

Ascension of cancer, ruled by the moon. I am mother, rooted to the past, my ancestors and all that is home and family. I carry the wisdom of my matriarchal ancestors + all women before me.

Muse + Alchemy

Grief as Ceremony

Grief as Ceremony

I recently was invited to attend a day of Ceremony honoring the Alchemy of Grief and her beloved partner, Praise.

Cauldron of Alchemy

Cauldron of Alchemy

All life begins and ends in the womb. We begin as conscious potential in the fertile cosmic womb of the Milky Way.  A celestial egg of potential residing within the ovaries of our unborn mother, carried in the womb of our grand mother.  Here we are...

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